Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lovin' Me Some Home Improvement

As one of my favorite bloggers from Younghouselove would say... "woo to the hoo"!

One of the aspects of our house that has bugged me since we moved in was the media nook in the living room. Ah, the media nook... An invention of builders in the early 2000s meant to create a space for a large tube television. What a great concept, until flat screens came out and everyone decided to hang their televisions on the wall.

My media nook was home to a 30 year old book case, and was screaming for some attention. We decided to get a built in for the area, and it was up to me to decide what it would look like. I scoured the old Internet, and pinned ideas on Pinterest, and then hand drew my concept.

We took the drawing to a couple places, but ended up a locally owned furniture store we love in Thousand Oaks, Padavo, where they do custom work for great prices.

Today, less than a month after my drawing was done, they came to install it.

I can't WAIT to fill up those wonderful shelves this weekend!


  1. Wow, Sheb, that looks AWESOME!! Post a pic all filled up when you're done?

    1. Will do! I am currently super sad that I buy paperbacks, I'd live for at least one shelf to be books.