Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All Good Things

Today is my last day of maternity leave. I have had four and a half months at home to get used to my new title of Mommy. Tomorrow, I get to put back on my title of 9-5er. But I can't help but think that it will never be the same... For the next 20 years I won't just be working, I'll be a Working Mom.

I have so much anxiety about whether or not I can do it. Can I keep my baby fed and happy, keep the house together, keep my husband happy, keep my projects on track, keep up my sanity... I know it's possible. My mother did this times four, and she managed all of the above (well, I can't vouch for her sanity!)

But all of that starts tomorrow. I need to carpe diem the hell out of today. My one last day of yoga pants, drive-thru lattes while baby girl sleeps, living life in the "Eat/Play/Sleep" cycle of a four month old, and without any idea what kinds of projects and craziness are waiting for me tomorrow.

Viva le yoga pants!

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