Thursday, March 15, 2012

And I always thought it was about a boy...

When I see a woman crying while in public, or driving down the road, I have always assumed that there was some some romantic loss she was mourning. I look at them and think, "oh honey, any guy who makes you feel that way isn't worth it."

As I pulled out of the daycare parking lot this morning I realized I have been waaaayyy off base.

Those women weren't sad because some stupid guy stomped on their heart - they were bawlin their eyes out because they had to leave their itty bitty, wonderful, bright, sweet, perfect little baby in the arms of a stranger.

Damn you, bills! I wanna live in a money-free world where the highest priority is cuddling my little lady!


  1. Those strangers at daycare will soon become your greatest allies! I LOVE all of Luke's teachers now and can't thank them enough. They have become like family to us and they really care about him and that makes me feel so much better leaving him in their hands as I drive away each day.

  2. That's awesome that you like his teachers! The women were really good to me, and she seemed to do better than I did... She was happy when I left and in a swing playing with a rattle when I picked her up.