Saturday, July 17, 2010

Snapshots of a Messy Modern Life

Today is a typical Saturday for me, and for something so typical to me, at a couple of points today it strook me that my day is not exactly normal. (Strook me... striked me... is that right? Anyway.)

My huband and I apparently don't think working Monday through Friday is quite good enough, so we try to see how much we can manage on the weekends as well. (While simultaneously completely neglecting our home, and social lives.) But I digress.

In an effort to still be "together," when we both have work to do we trek downtown so we can work in the quiet of his office. While we're not actually spending time together, the physical nearness is a good facsimile, and at least tricks us mentally into thinking we are.

On Saturday's like this, I'll often go with him to his gym. But this is totally not a normal gym, it's an Irish gym. ( You know, since the Irish are so known for their physical prowess, this makes sense. It's on the 57th floor of the US Bank tower downtown, and they're known for a 25 minute workout.

The concept of the 25 minute workout is still very strange to me. Essentially, I spend more time showering and getting ready afterward than I did for the entire workout. But that's where my first "snapshot" comes in.

Check out the view from the women's locker room! (Okay, it's kind of hard to see.) But there's a view of all of East LA while you're doing your makeup and hair.

After we finish at the gym we walk over to my hubby's building, where are able to make and enjoy free sandwiches courtesy of his law firm. (It's Saturday, I'm allowed to have bread people!) And then I set up shop in the office next door to his that is conveniently empty.

About five minutes before posting this I looked up from my book and realized that I have three computer monitors within three feet of me.

Behold, work laptop, school laptop, company desktop.

You gotta admit, it's kind of ridiculous!

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  1. That's both really cute and really sad at the same time!