Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Home Lands

On Sunday I took a break from school work to "sharpen my saw" and went to the Autry Museum of Western Heritage for an exhibit called "Home Lands" about the role women played in shaping the American West.

The exhibit was full of a lot of women artifacts... like this pressure cooker that appears more like a torture device than an item off of a wedding registry.
As well as statistics that showed the stark reality of being female in years past. This portion of the exhibit is a reminder that less than a century ago, 4% of women died in childbirth or immediately thereafter. How lucky we are to live in the times that we do.

So after all that stark reality I had to have myself a little bit of fun... so I decided to pretend I was in jail...
Check out some cowboy art - yee haw!

And listen to live music courtesy of local musicians. I wish I could put in a clip of the song this guy's music on here, but I couldn't find it...

I hadn't been to the Autry since my fifth grade class visited. It was too fun to rediscover it this weekend.

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