Sunday, September 12, 2010


It was my fabulous hubby's birthday celebration today... and would you believe it, I forgot to take pictures!! For shame!!!!

So, while I took ZERO photos, I can share the other numerical factoids of the day:

18 people
9 racks of ribs
7 chicken breasts
30 rolls
3 quarts of pasta salad
1 fruit salad
1 green salad
1 dozen cookies
2 quarts of salsa
3 kinds of cheeses
4 football games
2 layers of german chocolate cake
5 bags of leftovers
1 happy birthday boy

Note: Picture was from last year... just imagine him 12 months older!


  1. sounds like a good time, wish we were closer....SAM

  2. Okay first: Happy Birthday Rick. Second: something is up with your updates or my Blogger Dashboard. Because it doesn't show your new posts, nor did I get any email about your new post. I just happened to come along on this one.
    Third: Hope your birthday bash was more successful than our tasty cookie test, that turned out to be too tasty in one bite.

  3. My bad, never confirmed the subscription for feed burner. But still, what's up with my Dashboard?

  4. Hope you got your email confirmed!! Dunno what's up with your Dashboard though... And... it was more successful than the cookie test, which has now been blogged about :-)