Sunday, August 1, 2010

Procrastination... you make homework so much fun!

Today I am in the throws of some serious procrastination. I have two finals this Thursday, and a term paper as well as a presentation due on Tuesday. Yet, I feel the need to do just about anything instead of my homework.

Scrub the tile on the kitchen island? Yes please!

Laundry? You betcha!

Randomly scroll through photos on Facebook? Why not!

Buckle down and find out the details of franchise law in China... and analyze the risk of franchising in a society that doesn't have laws protecting corporate intelligence... and juxtaposing those risks with the tremendous growth of the emerging market? Naw... I think I'll post to my blog instead.


  1. You have been a blogging machine! Don't neglect your studies too much. We're gonna need your business savvy for MS. Sugarplums :)

  2. MS Sugarplums... I want to bake!! We still need to try out the nougat!! Haha :-)