Monday, August 30, 2010


So, this post is a bit late. Or, really really late. But I have to gush about our long weekend in wine country at Demetria Vineyard's guest villa. (Okay, so it was a double-wide... but it was a 10 minute drive through the vineyard to get to it, and black as pitch at night when you turned out the lights - good stuff!)

The inside was so cute! Very shabby chic, even though kitcehn supplies were limited, we managed to set a pretty cute table for our family dinner on Saturday night. My hubs went all out for the family. He grilled fish and pork, corn and potatoes. Then for dessert my fabulous sis-in-law made us ice cream sundaes to die for.

The guys enjoyed sipping wine outside while they waited for us ladies to get ready for our night at the Hitching Post.

In the morning, we hiked on a trail that meandered through the vineyard. It was so incredibly pretty.

And of course, my account of the weekend wouldn't be complete without a photo of the doggie that visited us while we stayed. He was pretty awesome. I have to admit, I didn't get his name, so let's just think of him as Buddy. He looks like a Buddy, right?

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