Monday, May 31, 2010

Theodore Payne Nursery

My fabulous sister-in-law gifted me the best planter for my birthday. It's an enormous rugged barrel, that she picked up in wine country. The inside is stained a gorgeous dark purple, and when it arrived it still smelled of cabernet - needless to say, I love it!

But the first step to loving it more was to fill it with dirt. So sad to cover up that beautiful stain, but it was necessary.

I want to fill my garden with native sustainable plants, so I went to the once native sustainable nursery I know of... Theodore Payne. While there, a wonderful woman helped me and my mother make sense of all the plants. Because they're natives, they weren't all in bloom, so it took a little imagination to put together an arrangement (unlike commercial nurseries where plants are purchased in bloom.)

I decided on four plants:
  • Salvia "Allen Chickering" Sage - a tall, purple, fragrant bloom
  • Firecracker - a mid-height red flower
  • San Bruno Mountain Golden Aster - a low, yellow daisy-like bud
  • and Manzanita

After planting them in a mixture of cactus soil and gardening soil, I gave them a good soak.

And then sat back and enjoyed how pretty it looks! I can't wait to see all the colors in bloom!


  1. The Suburban Cowgirl Garden - love it!!

  2. Very nice...I've also seen creative uses of things like old sneakers and boots (provided the proper drainage holes are made, of course). Nothing quite restores us from this hectic world, in my opinion, as gardening.

  3. Love the idea of an old boot! I'll have to keep my eye out for one :-)