Friday, May 14, 2010

Call the "Wah"bulance

Today, in the midst of getting increasingly stressed out over things not going my way, I realized that my problems are so small... they're not problems at all.

1. The people I hire to clean my house didn't show up.
As I'm on the phone telling them I'm having people over tomorrow for dinner and it's imperative they come as early as possible tomorrow I realize that I'm a brat. And wonder... how many times has my mother had her home cleaned by strangers before guests come. That's right. Probably not many.

2. The interior designer, Axle, cancelled my appointment to do a window consultation.
I don't even need to explain why this is ridiculous. There is no reason to actually be upset. Especially when you're talking about a guy named... Axle.

3. I had to drive to three different places before I found a nail salon that would take me for a pedicure.
Umm... even while I was driving around, getting increasingly annoyed at the waste of time, I was realizing this isn't something a grown up should actually be upset over. After all, I could probably cut my own toe nails.

Wow. I'm a brat. I need to keep that in check. I don't think the "wah"bulance would even bother to show up on this one.


  1. As Ava would say, I sad- Boo Hoo!

  2. Even though the appointments may be bratty, cleaning people, interior designers, and pedicures, I would be upset too! I hate when people flake on me or can't accommodate me, they're in the service industry after all!

  3. Julia - thanks for the support! It was annoying, but I was trying to find some perspective :-)

  4. I know I'm a month late reading this post but it literally made me laugh out loud! I love that you have an interior designer named Axle and cleaning people and pedicure people.

    And, for the record, you're not a brat until you have a personal chef.