Monday, November 19, 2012

Little Lady's First Birthday

My little bitty baby just turned ONE... and her turning one meant that this Momma got to throw a birthday party. Being one of the unfortunate women who was married before the creation of Pinterest, I decided to take full advantage of this milestone and have been "pinning" ideas for about half of my baby's life, and last Saturday, I got to bring her rainbow party to life!

The Birthday Board.

We turned the built-in into a birthday-scape... 

Made the simplest and cutest little monthly banner.

Created a moderately successful version of Whisk Kid's "Super Epic Rainbow Cake"

And printed up some custom coloring book covers for favors.

I'm so excited with how everything turned out! I really hope next year my little bestie can help me pick out the theme!


  1. I love how it all turned out and I'm happy to see your blog is back (sort of!) I am in LOVE with your Jenny Lind high chair - where is it from?!?

    1. Julia - The Jenny Lind high chair was from a local Facebook swap board... I paid $10 for it! It was painted CRAZY colors, so I had a wood work place strip it and paint it this sweet turquoise! I love it too!!
      (Also, I'm planning to revitalize my little blog - I miss it! Hopefully I can keep up now that I'm used to this whole Mommy gig.)